Alright so I’m two days late this time. Last night before I went to bed I realized that I’d forgotten to post on Monday. I can see this resolution quickly being broken like every year. But I’m writing today anyway. My birthday was on Saturday and it was the first time in years that I … More 1/31/18


Alright, not gonna lie…it’s only week 4 and I’m already not feeling this weekly blog post thing. But only because I’ve had nothing to say two weeks in a row now. Yes, I’m still working on the new manuscript and still reading. And I’m still loving 2018. But it’s not like something new and exciting … More 1/22/18

1/15/18. Sorta.

Don’t mind me, just using yesterday’s date and pretending I didn’t completely freaking forget to blog yesterday. In my defense, I’ve been so busy actually writing my new book that I legit forgot that Monday is blog day. I’ve written almost 12,000 words in ten days! I haven’t missed a single day since I started … More 1/15/18. Sorta.


Hello, week two of 2018. I really enjoyed week one, so keep the goodness coming. I’ve actually been writing the last few days. Like really, really writing. Not begrudgingly opening up my manuscript and reading what I last wrote weeks before and adding a few paragraphs in between getting distracted by Twitter and YouTube videos. … More 1/8/18


Alright, new year, new life blah blah blah. Just like the last couple years, I’m making a resolution to write one blog post a week. And the first day of the year is on a Monday, which just has a nice symmetry to it, especially since that’s when I’ve always tried to write my posts. … More 1/1/18


Here I am. In Connecticut. And we just had a snow storm two days ago. I am so not happy about that, but other than being freezing all the time, it’s nice to be back. Also, kind of weird. The road trip was super fun, though. Sometimes I really wish I could afford to spend … More CH-CH-CH-CHANGES

Weekly Wrap Up #6

I know I’m very late this week, but I’ve been so busy with the moving prep that I just kept forgetting. Time is going by so fast. Six days now until I leave. The closer it gets, the more excited I’m getting, but also the sadder I’m getting. Anyway, it’s crunch time now. One more … More Weekly Wrap Up #6